Sweet'n Saucy Catering

Sweet'n Saucy can cater any event from small family gatherings to large company picnics, graduations and company meetings to weddings, basic to fancy.  We've done themed events like a Hawaiian BBQ, a Medeval Wedding, a Western Banquet, and can design customized the menu with nearly any style of food.  Our chefs love the challenge.  We have catered events for just a few or up to 750 people and can do larger.  Our catering menu is available for download below, along with a basic information sheet.  Tastings are available, please call one of our catering specialists at 641-469-3331 for more info and to schedule an appointment.

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Sweet'n Saucy BBQ & Catering

Business Meetings/Lunches


We can cater you business meetings and lunches. We offer basic BBQ options as well as something a little higher class. 

Vegetarian Options


While we specialize in meat we can also cater to those who don't eat meat. Our vegetarian options include Black Bean Burgers, Mushroom Alfredo and BBQ Quinoa Sloppy Joes.

Sauce Options


We offer a variety of sauces at the restaurant that you can have at your event. Pick your sauce and we'll package it up for you. 

Holiday Meals


Order whole turkeys or hams for the holidays! 

We can even cover the sides for you! Everything is house made!



A tasty addition, Sweet'n Saucy offers a wide array of appetizers for your event.

BBQ and much more


While we specialize in BBQ, we have 2 Chefs on staff who can make nearly any dish or style of food you desire.  If you are looking for that special family recipe, that exotic dish to transport you to an early honeymoon, or your favorite dish, just ask and we can make it happen.